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Jim Lehrman


I've known him since he was a tot,
He is a king, I kid you not.,
A true saint of the world is he,
He'll stay with you while others flee.
If he sees that you are down,
It's just his style to play the clown.
He likes to say, without much fuss,
"I'm just a Bozo on the bus."
But those of us who know him well,
Have lived and loved under his spell.
A quiet man, so full of grace,
He makes my world a peaceful place.
Patience, wisdom, love and wit,
With honesty so closely knit;
I have so often wondered why
God has blessed me with this guy.
He's the anchor of my ship, and more.
He's pulled me many times to shore.
A sage and poet, so humble and kind;
A giver and doer - he doesn't mind.
You got a problem ? Not to worry ...
He will be there in a hurry.
The universe he'd love to roam;
He's never really that far from home.
A quiet one with words of magic,
He'll lift your soul when things seem tragic.
You will not leave this man unchanged,
Your spirit's refreshed, thoughts re-arranged.
You could not ask for greater trust ...
He'll keep your secrets 'til he turns to dust.
And when it's time for him to go,
The world will miss him - this I know.
And when everything is said and done,
And God is judging everyone,
There is one face I'm sure He'll scan;
He'll look, and then say, "There's my man."
Buddha would admire him;
Yeah ... That's my little brother, Jim.
dml 5/8/86
... with apologies to all poets


copyright 1998 / david and carol lehrman / all rights reserved