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Our Magnificent Journey
Chapter 6
Europe 2005
London, Paris, Normandy, Prague


Carol and David  
Day 14

We slept well but there was quite a bit of street noise throughout the night. I have managed to catch a cold. It has been chilly and damp, so I am not surprised.


A 9am we met Marc and Muriel in the cave for breakfast.


Enjoyed a terrific breakfast, then wandered out to find the marche along Rue St. Germaine des Pres. Quite cold today but no plueuie. Eventually the sun came out. We had fun at the market. Carol and I bought berets and scarves. We bought the berets from a charming fellow from Turkey.


Carol and Muriel in their element at a marche


Colorful fare at the marche


Fleur du marche


Decision time for Muriel


Interesting fellow at the marche - we bought berets from him


Viva la France


Paris cobbles
Paris cobbles
Paris cobbles
Paris cobbles


Walked back to the hotel for a pit stop, then headed west to the grand Cathedral of St. Sulpice. There was a service in progress but we waited a while and after people disbursed, we located the Rose line mentioned in The Da Vinci Code. The massive pipe organ was very impressive.


The Rose Line at St. Sulpice


The organ at St. Sulpice


Then we walked down to Boulevard St. Germaine and stopped at Café Mabillon for lunch of salmon tartare, tuna salad, salmon salad, croque jeunne homme and pommes frites.


Marc moves a SmartCar over a little bit


After lunch we walked in the sunshine down Boulevard St. Germaine des Pres, mingling with the crowds, crossed the Seine in front of Notre Dame, with thousands of people there, to the Cite Metro stop where we jumped on and headed east to famous Pere Lachaise cemetery. Visited several graves of well-known persons, walked miles, saw many monuments to the victims of the Holocaust and generally knocked ourselves out.


The Metro

Bust of Balzac at Pere Lachaise

David studying the map of Pere Lachaise


Memorial to Holocaust victims at Pere Lachaise


Memorial to a 17-year-old assasinated by the Nazis

Pere Lachaise cobbles
Pere Lachaise cobbles


Tired, we sat at the first café we came to (as Marc called it, “the closest café to Jim Morrison”) where we rested and savored cheese, mousse a la chocolat, tart and vin rouges. Very smoky.


Enjoying lunch after Pere Lachaise

Next, we jumped back on the Metro, made one change, and ended up in Paris' Chinatown. We selected Les Freres Gourmand for dinner. Excellent Chinese/Vietnamese food.


After dinner we took the Metro back to Odeon where we walked toward the hotel and found a comfortable café where we sat outside under the heaters and watched the nightlife of Paris flow by our table as we sipped muscatel port and enjoyed great conversation with great friends.


Enjoying port wine, friends and people-watching


Exhausted, at midnight we walked 2 blocks to the hotel where we said "bon nuit" to M&M. Our bed felt so soft and comfortable that we fell asleep in minutes. Another fantastic adventure-filled day.


Pedometer reading for today - 8 miles

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