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Our Magnificent Journey
Chapter 6
Europe 2005
London, Paris, Normandy, Prague


Carol and David  
Day 15

Our tenth anniversary.


We slept soundly for 8 hours following Thursday's full day of Paris fun and adventure. Today is, sadly, our last full day in Paris before leaving for two more days in London, then the flight home. We have had a blast exploring Paris' wonders with our dear friends Marc and Muriel, who must travel home to Tucson tomorrow. We will miss their company but we will see them at home.


We walked out of the hotel in a very light drizzle on a grey Friday morning and turned the corner and found a pharmacy where we bought the Vichy-Homme deodorant which I like. Then across the street to the 4-star Hotel Le Relais du St. Germaine where we were invited in for a delicious breakfast by a wonderfully accommodating English-speaking chap. Lovely hotel and dining room. We had fresh yogurt, fruit, coffee, tea, juice, country bread, cheese, ham and soft-boiled eggs. All served in an impeccable manner – and very efficiently.


Le Relais Saint Germaine


Out again, towards beloved Notre Dame, this time to renew our vows on our tenth anniversary. We found a quiet, beautiful spot near some flowers in the park on the east side of the Cathedral, where we both read words we had prepared for the occasion. We exchanged silver/gold wedding rings that we had made several weeks prior to this trip.


Our Wedding Day - May 6, 1995
May 6, 1995

May 6, 2005 - Ready for the renewal of our wedding vows


Renewing our vows


Ten years of bliss


We made these rings!!


It was an emotional few moments, captured on film by our friends/witnesses Marc and Muriel, and was the main focus of this trip.

God Bless Muriel and Marc!!


All too soon, our little ceremony was over and “remarried,” we strolled arm-in-arm past Hotel de Ville, the Pompedieu Center, window-shopping along the way. Then west on to the Bourse (the French Stock Exchange) where we perused a market.


Hotel De Ville


Flowers at a marche


Tomatoes at a marche

Paris cobbles
Paris cobbles


We then needed to rest, so we walked several blocks east to Rue Montorqueil, a narrow cobblestone street lined with shops and cafes. We picked a shady café where we sat and enjoyed Asian food.


Carol enjoys lunch


Rested and fed, we walked south past St. Eustache, near Les Halles to Rue Rivoli where we window-shopped. Muriel bought a pair of shoes. Suddenly several French Mirage fighter jets flew just above the shops, trailing multicolored streams of smoke – apparently practicing for the upcoming D-Day ceremonials.


Muriel shops for shoes


Surprise in the skies


We walked into the main plaza at the Louvre near the Pyramid where we sat and sipped beer and wine at Café Marly and watched the thousands of people milling about enjoying the sunshine.


M & M at the Louvre


Self-portrait at the Louvre

Les Amis


Pals near the Louvre

After at least an hour at Café Marley we decided to walk slowly west through the Tuillerie Gardens, across Place de la Concorde, and up Champs Elysee. We sat at a cafe on the Champs Elysee to rest and recharge with soupe a la oignon and kir royale.


Viva La France
Ragtime band along the Champs Elysee
Arc d' Triomphe

We then walked up Champs Elysee until we couldn't walk any more. When we arrived at the Arc d'Triomphe our feet were not working any more. So we took the metro back to Odeon where we walked toward the hotel and stopped at Marco Polo for a bite to eat. Great dinner, a lot of laughs - Marc told jokes that had us laughing so hard that the other guests wanted to know what we were having. Wonderfully cool weather – we sat there for at least 2 hours enjoying ourselves. We did not want this evening to end. It is the last night in Paris for the four of us. M&M must return home to Tucson tomorrow and we'll take the Chunnel train to London, then fly home on Monday.


We had to say goodnight to our friends at midnight and then fell into bed. Another glorious day.


Pedometer reading for today - 10 miles

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