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Our Magnificent Journey
Chapter 9
Europe 2007
London, Tuscany, Paris


Day 14
Varenna (Lake Como)

We woke after a deep, sound sleep. The air is crisp and chilly but the shower was hot. We dressed and met M&M at 9:15 a.m.

Our hotel room at Lake Como
Atop our hotel at Lake Como

Delicious breakfast at the hotel, high above the Lake - coffee, rolls, cheese, yogurt, granola, jam and juice.

Breakfast at our hotel at Lake Como

After breakfast, we all walked down to for Varenna and bought tickets for the ferry between Varenna, Mannagio and Bellagio. First stop was Bellagio, where we strolled among the shops that dot the shoreline. The weather is sunny and cool. The views are spectacular.


Ivy-covered building in Varenna
Hey, look at this cool toy truck
Ferry across Lake Como
Carol, Marc and Muriel enjoying the cool air of Lake Como
Enjoying the ferry ride across the Lake

Stopped at a café on the Lake for lunch. Bellagio is known for its beautiful villas, gardens and vistas. There's quite a bit of wealth evident and the town is not crowded with busloads of tourists.


After lunch we took the water ferry back to Varenna and stayed on as it traversed the Lake to Menaggio, another picturesque lakeside village in the shadow of the Alps, with pastel-colored villas and hotels. We sat at a café on the Lake and enjoyed cappuccino and chocolate cake in the cool air and sunshine.


Enjoying the ferry ride from Bellagio to Menaggio

After exploring Menaggio, we caught the next ferry back to Varenna where we walked along narrow alleys beneath ivy-covered walls. Of the three lakeside towns we visited we all thought that sleepy Varenna was the most charming.

The breeze on the Lake was wonderfully cool, crisp and clean
Empty ferry

On the way back to the hotel we explored a nearby cemetery - very beautiful, spiritual, peaceful and personal.


As the sun set over the Alps, we took the funiculars up to our rooms overlooking the vast expanse of Lake Como and we rested. Carol and I sat on our balcony, hundreds of feet above the Lake, surrounded by tall cypress trees and watched the boats slowly making their way across the glassy water. It is one of the most tranquil and beautiful vistas we've ever seen. Mere words cannot do justice to this beautiful spot on planet Earth.


The sun sets across Lake Como
Carol enjoys the sunset
Gorgeous sunset to the west across Lake Como

Met M&M at 7:30 and walked down the hills into for Varenna. Decided on a café on the water, but we water fish and one of the waitresses suggested another restaurant near the ferry dock. She actually called and made reservations for us. We walked to Ristoranti Cavallini and had a quiet romantic dinner of fresh Lake Como perch on risotto, grilled whitefish with ginger sauce, and spinach-stuffed ravioli. Started with an arugula and Parmesan salad and very excellent house vino rosso. A sorbet and grappa dolce was a fine way to end the meal. The town is quiet and seemingly devoid of tourists - it is as if we have for Varenna to ourselves.


We walked back up the hills to the funiculars at the hotel at 11 p.m., said buono notte to M&M, then sat on the balcony high above spectacular Lake Como listening to the quiet. We then fell into bed after a truly glorious day in Paradise.

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