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Our Magnificent Journey
Chapter 9
Europe 2007
London, Tuscany, Paris


Day 20
Paris - Tucson

Woke early to pack to say goodbye to our friends M&M; at this point we do not know the actual whereabouts of our friends M&A and we asked Marc to please check up on them. Hopefully, they had a restful night.

Hotel Familia
Carol (right) with Maria and Ron (center) and a friend

Carol and I ate a petite dejuner at the hotel and then walked to Notre Dame where we savored the peace, quiet and utter spirituality of this ancient cathedral.


Walked back to the hotel at 9:30 to meet M&M to say our au revoirs and catch the taxi to Charles De Gaulle airport. Sad farewells to our friends but we will see them home in Tucson soon. Marc promised he would check up on our other dear friends Mike & Annette, then the cab finally arrived and sped us through Paris to the busy airport. We discovered a 1-hour delay on our Continental flight to Houston but que sera sera. We are sad to come to the end of another David and Carol travel adventure, but it will be nice to get home, see the dogs and sleep in our own bed.


Shot into the overcast skies above Paris at 2 p.m. and tried to settle in for the 10 hour ride - we were not able to get business class, so we just smiled and made the best of it as we left Paris behind climbed over London, Dublin, Belfast, Iceland and Greenland - the Great Circle over the Atlantic - until we crossed land again at Gander, sailing down the northeast coast of the continental U.S. at 600 miles per hour. Turned west a bit north of Boston.


The 777 was an hour and a half late leaving Paris, and we have an hour and a half layover in Houston. So it is unlikely that we will make the connection to Tucson . We expect to spend the night in Houston - a replay of the 1999 return trip.


Miraculously, due to rain in Tucson, our connecting flight was delayed by three hours, so 2:30 a.m. Paris time we found ourselves sitting in the Houston airport waiting for the final flight home. We are dead on our feet but happy to be almost home.


After five gate changes (no joke) in Houston, we were onboard a Continental 737 for the two hour flight to Tucson.


Sad that the trip is ending but glad to be home

Landed home at Tucson International Airport to discover that Continental had lost our luggage, so we made sure that the folks in baggage claim had our phone number, then grabbed a cab. A half hour later we found ourselves home, reunited with Cody and Merlin, jetlagged and wondering if it had all been just a dream. Continental delivered our luggage the next day. Better late than never.


Thus comes to an end another travel chapter in the Magnificent Journey of David and Carol.

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