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Our Magnificent Journey
Chapter 15
Cuba and Florida
 Classic American car in Havana
Day 2

Slept late and woke up in a fog of bladder distress, nausea, Chuck Norris and frustration.  But the good news is that my temperature now seems to be hovering around 99.  We are still hopeful.


Carol had forgotten her Lipitor (arenít we the special couple?) and we needed Listerine and toothpaste so after Carolís delicious breakfast at the hotel (I have zero appetite) we paid a hotel shuttle driver $20 to drive us to the nearest Walgreens.

Fairfield Inn Miami Airport
The Fairfield Inn near Miami International Airport

Back at the Fairfield Inn, we packed up, checked out and walked three blocks in the breezy, balmy, sunny Miami day to the airport Marriott and checked in.  Our Cuba People-to-People tour is handled by Globus and there is an orientation meeting here tonight at 6PM.  We are excited to meet our guide, Robert (Bob) Young and the rest of our fellow travelers.


We decided that it might be advantageous to try to get some food into me, so at 1PM we sat in the Marriott Champions sports bar where I ordered a cheese quesadilla and a Dr. Pepper while Carol enjoyed a Mahi Mahi fish taco with a diet Coke.


My quesadilla was actually delicious and as I enjoyed it I suddenly realized that I was beginning to feel almost human again.  Taking my temperature for the umpteenth time, we found I was around 97.  Hallelujah!


Our Tucson friends Mike, Annette, Rob, DeeAnn, Gary and Charlene are joining us on this tour, and they arrived at the Marriott after an excursion to the Everglades.  We had planned to join them for the Everglades adventure but my condition would not allow it.


After lunch we rested in our room watching Draft Day, a decent Kevin Costner film, then at 5:45PM we headed to the Globus meeting room for our orientation.


We met Bob Young, our very personable, experienced, adept and humorous Globus tour guide.

With the incredible Bob Young
Bob Young, Globus tour guide extraordinaire

Our Tucson friends arrived shortly after we did and for the next hour, Bob and Mariella (with the Cuban Travel Services) carefully explained the chronology and expectations of our upcoming seven days in Cuba.  We all filled out the required paperwork, then Carol and I went down to the bar off the hotel lobby for a small dinner.  We spotted Phil and Bonnie from St. Louis, who are tour-mates, and had a very nice, delicious dinner (I had conch chowder) as we swapped travel tales.  Phil and Bonnie own a travel advisory business in St. Louis and we thoroughly enjoyed the hour we spent with them.


We said goodbye to our new friends and took the elevator two floors where we fell in bed dreaming about fabulous Cuban adventures to come.  I am so glad to finally be feeling better!


Click HERE for a link to the Globus People-To-People tours of Cuba.


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