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Our Magnificent Journey
Chapter 13
Greece, Turkey and Spain


At the Parthenon  
Day 21

Slept well, rose at 7 and packed for today’s flights from Barcelona to Munich and then from Munich on to Boston.


Enjoyed a last delicious breakfast at the Soho Hotel, then checked out and took a speedy taxi (wow – they drive fast in Barcelona) to Barcelona’s sprawling, clean, modern airport. Sat in the VIP lounge for a while, then found our gate for our noon Lufthansa Airbus 321 flight to Munich.

Soho Hotel in Barcelona

The two-hour flight was smooth and comfortable and at one point we passed just west of Lake Como, where we had spent a pleasant and fun few days with our close friends Marc and Muriel in 2007. The skies are clear and I can even spy the hotel that we stayed at, high up on a mountainside.

Lake Como

Arrived at Munich at 2:15 pm, found the Lufthansa VIP lounge and rested for twenty minutes, then found our gate for the long flight to Boston.


Our business-class compartment on the huge Lufthansa Boeing Airbus 340-600 was incredibly empty. We felt like the whole plane belonged to us.

En route to Boston

We took our seats and toasted to the winding down of yet another wonderful, adventure-filled chapter of Our Magnificent Journey.

Leaving Germany

These large comfortable Lufthansa seats even have a massage feature. We’ve been impressed with Lufthansa’s efficiency, cleanliness and comfort.


The huge white steel bird took off through heavy rain about fifteen minutes late due to incoming flight delays, but we look forward to the comfort during the 8½ hour flight to Boston’s Logan Airport.


We headed almost due west, passing south of Paris and out over the Atlantic at Brest.

Lufthansa Menu

The Lufthansa dinner at 34,000 feet was indescribably delicious, and we watched three full-length movies. At 6:30 pm we arrived at Boston’s Logan International Airport, cleared customs, grabbed our bags off the carousel and took the shuttle to the airport Embassy Suites. Checked in and conked out at 9 pm Eastern time. We love to travel, but it’s always terrific to come home to the good ol’ USA.


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