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Our Magnificent Journey
Chapter 13
Greece, Turkey and Spain


At the Parthenon  
Day 22

Slept great! Woke to a sunny, warm October New England day. It's great to be back in Boston (we enjoyed ourselves immensely here in 2010.)


Ate a hearty American breakfast at the hotel. It appears that Boston may set a near heat record today. The high is supposed to hit 88.


After breakfast, we walked out of the hotel, across a park and into the nearby T station. Rode the T south to the JFK Presidential Library & Museum, where we spent an interesting hour and a half on one of the free guided tours. The Jacquie Kennedy exhibit was excellent.

Waiting for the T in Boston
Carol at the JFK Presidential Library & Museum

At noon we hopped back on the T, heading north into Cambridge this time. Met my cousin, Paul Lehrman, a music professor and author, at Johnny D’s. Discovered how we were related, enjoyed a delicious brunch and enjoyed schmoozing with Paul.

Cousin Paul Lehrman with Carol and David

Said farewell to my interesting and entertaining cousin at 2:30 and hopped back on the T, south this time to the Back Bay area where we spent a couple of hours browsing the sidewalk shops amidst hundreds of folks out enjoying the sunny Sunday afternoon.


We have walked countless miles on all of our trips and this trip is certainly no different. We walked up and down the shop-lined streets of the Back Bay, then slowly aimed ourselves at the T, jumped on with hundreds of other folks, then jumped off near the Embassy Suites at the airport, made it up to the room, took a shower and fell into bed for a rest.


We had planned to visit the North End for a seafood dinner but we were so exhausted we stayed at the hotel and enjoyed a decent dinner in the dining room/bar.


This is the last night of this chapter of Our Magnificent Journey, and what a wonderful trip it has been – full of culture, food, languages, fun, friends and adventure.


By 10 pm we were sound asleep, dreaming of the wonders, the magic and the adventures of the past three weeks.


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