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Our Magnificent Journey
Chapter 13
Greece, Turkey and Spain


At the Parthenon  
Day 4

Woke at 6 am, showered, dressed and enjoyed another delicious Greek breakfast at the hotel.


Today we have some special treats lined up. We plan to meet John and Mandy, from North Carolina, who we befriended in Ireland, and later we plan to meet Christina, a friend of our niece Cassidy.


Athens is populated by 5 million residents, 2 million tourists and countless stray dogs and cats. Dogs and cats are licensed by the city but they are “feral” or “wild” and live in the streets and parks. Kind-hearted citizens care for them and we saw food and water bowls put out in many public areas.


We were totally jazzed to see our dear friends John and Mandy and at 11:00 am they appeared at the hotel. It was so wonderful to see them again. We sat in the hotel lobby and schmoozed for a while, and then the four of us took the metro to Omonia. Got off and walked several blocks to the National Archaeological Museum where we spent a couple of hours perusing the antiquities.

John, Mandy, Carol and David at the National Archaeological Museum
Gold artifact exhibit at the National Archaeological Museum
Gold plate at the National Archaeological Museum
Bust at the National Archaeological Museum
Scultpture at the National Achaeological Museum

Enjoyed a nice lunch at a café near the museum, then spent a little more time back inside.

Carol, David, John and Mandy

The four of us left the museum in the warm afternoon and took the metro back to Acropolis, then slowly wandered through the Plaka and did some shopping. Today is sunny and pleasant and it has been terrific to spend time with our dear friends.

Mandy and John

At 6 pm we found ourselves back at the hotel. Made plans to meet John and Mandy for drinks at 7 and then went up to the room to shower and rest.


At 7 pm we went down to the mezzanine and met John and Mandy and their friends Mick and Mercedes – they had all been on a cruise of the Greek Islands with several other couples and had a fantastic time.

Mick, Mercedes, John, Mandy, David and Carol

At 8:45 we said farewell to our friends (they are flying home to North Carolina in the morning) and we walked towards Syntagma Square to meet Christine, a friend of my brother Jim and his daughter Cassidy, who is an actress living in Los Angeles.


As we neared the Square we began to hear quite a bit of noise, and we walked straight into the midst of a large, boisterous anti-government demonstration in front of the Parliament building. Took photos and videos then skirted the crowd and somehow managed to meet up with Christine.

Demonstration at Syntagma Square in Athens
Christine is a lovely, talented, charming, gorgeous, intelligent (Yale-educated) young Greek woman. She lives in Athens and is a well-known and respected movie and TV star. She took an acting class with Jim and Cassidy and they have all stayed friends ever since

Christina took us to one of her favorite restaurants and we spent a few enjoyable hours enjoying truly delicious authentic Greek food (no tourists here) and stimulating conversation about politics, economics, ethics and art.

Christina, Carol and David

We were very sad to have to say goodbye to Christina but it was midnight and we have to get to the airport in the morning for a flight to Crete. We know that we will see Christina again since she plans to return to Los Angeles.


Fell in bed at 1 am for a sound sleep after a wonderful day full of friendship and fun.


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