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Our Magnificent Journey
Chapter 13
Greece, Turkey and Spain


At the Parthenon  
Day 6

Slept coma-like until 11:30! Once we realized how late it was we shot out of bed, showered, dressed and flew out of the hotel – straight into throngs of thousands of tourists off cruise ships.


Chania, deserted last night, is a veritable horde of humanity at noon.


Sat at a café on the harbor and enjoyed a continental breakfast. There are thousands of people all around us but no one is speaking English. We love it.

Taverna in Chania, Crete

Spent the next couple of hours meandering down the narrow shop-lined alleys of Chania’s Old Town. Stopped to admire the ancient Jewish synagogue which was recently firebombed – twice. The arsonists were caught – two Americans and two Brits.

Church in Chania, Crete
Synagogue in Chania, Crete
House in Chania, Crete
Waterfront in Chania, Crete
By the ocean in Chania, Crete
Horse-drawn carriage in Chania, Crete

Walked along the breakfront to the lighthouse, then sat in the shady Monastiri Taverna for a lunch of octopus salad, aubergine (eggplant) salad, marinated anchovies and what has to be one of the tastiest beers I’ve ever tasted – Charma – Xapma – brewed here in Chania. As is customary here in Greece, the waiter brought us raki (a “gastronomic/digestive aid” – highly alcoholic) and ice-cream on the house.

At Monistiri Taverna in Chania, Crete
Delicious Charma beer on Chania, Crete

Within seconds of leaving Monastiri, we bumped into our friends Helena and Gordon, who we met in the Athens airport yesterday. We were on the same delayed flight to Heraklion. We schmoozed for a while, took some photos, then led them to Tamam where we had enjoyed a late-night dinner on Thursday evening.

Helena, Gordon, Carol and David in Chania, Crete

Since Helena and Gordon were getting up early to hike the Samaria Gorge, we said our goodbyes, then Carol and I window-shopped as the sun slowly sank into the sea.

Fishermen in Chania, Crete

Chania doesn’t really come alive until dark, and this being Friday, the streets are full of weekend revelers.

Shopping in Chania, Crete
Tshirt in Chania, Crete

At 8:30 pm we decided to find a restaurant so we walked south until we stumbled upon Portes. No sooner had we settled in than we spied our friends Dorothea and Charlie, from Lexington, Massachusetts, who we had spoken to in the Athens airport. We asked them to join us and we spent the next three hours comparing travel notes and schmoozing – a most enjoyable three hours it was. At midnight we had to say our goodbyes but we know we will stay in touch.

Charlie, Carol, Dorothea and David at Portes Restaurant in Chania, Crete

After saying farewell to our friends, we wound our way back to the Vilelmine and fell into bed.


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