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Our Magnificent Journey
Chapter 13
Greece, Turkey and Spain


At the Parthenon  
Day 7

We both slept soundly until the nearby church bells started ringing loudly early in the morning.


Enjoyed breakfast at the hotel on the patio near the church, which is bustling with church-goers.


At 10:30 we walked to the car, but there were so many people on foot, on motor scooters and in cars and trucks that it was nearly impossible to back out of our parking space. Thanks to a sympathetic gentleman who stopped his van and held up the never-ending stream of cars, we were able to be on our way. Oh yeah – there was a 77-Euro parking ticket on the windshield.


Nonplussed, we found our way out of Chania and headed west along the coast. The day is sunny, bright and warm, and the water of the Aegean Sea is cobalt blue against the cliffs and coves.


We wound our way up steep mountain passes high above the blue Aegean, among gravity-defying goats, beehives and roadside stands selling thyme-infused honey.


At 3:00 we decided to head back into Chania for dinner. At the hotel we met Alex and her two dogs (well, one is hers and the other is a stray that she feeds.)


Then we walked to the water and sat once more at Monastiri for a seafood dinner accompanied by the local beer called Charma. If you are a beer-afficianado, don’t miss this one.

Evening fun in Chania

Strolled around Old Town Chania window-shopping until 6 pm, then freshened up at the hotel and rested on the balcony watching the kids playing in the plaza below.


At 7 pm we wandered out among the hordes of Saturday-night revelers. We have heard no English all day – mostly Scandinavian, Greek, Italian and German. We selected an outdoor cafe and enjoyed eggplant dip and wine, and just as we stood up to leave we spotted Charlie and Dorothea once again. Spent some time visiting with our new friends and said one last farewell at 10:00 and then strolled back to the hotel. Old town Chania is just now coming alive but we are dead on our feet, so by 11 pm we were fast asleep, oblivious to the cacophony below.


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