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Our Magnificent Journey
Chapter 14
Argentina, Brazil and Peru
Day 11
Rio de Janeiro
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We slept for nine hours after yesterday’s full day and evening of adventures.


After another delicious breakfast at the hotel we walked several blocks east until we came to the famous Hippie Fair, a large arts & crafts market where we spent two hours wandering from stall to stall. Carol bought a beautiful multi-colored woven runner.

At the Hippie Market in Rio

Next we walked to Ipanema beach and wandered along the wide avenue, which on Sunday is closed to traffic. The beach is full of Sunday revelers enjoying the sand, the sun, the water and each other. Several volleyball games (played soccer-style) are going on and vendors stroll up and down the beach hawking their wares amidst thousands of folks enjoying the day.

Cantina on the beach at Ipanema
Sidewalk along the beach at Ipanema

My “girl from Ipanema” and I sat at a shady table and sipped cool coconut water from chilled coconuts as we enjoyed some world-class people-watching.

Typical beach scene at Ipanema

Hungry, we decided to try a restaurant Carol had read about, Gula Gula, but they were quite full. So, we walked a bit until we found a very inviting outdoor table at Ipanema Sushi where we ordered a sushi platter with a decidedly Brazilian twist.

Sushi at Ipanema Sushi

We wandered back to the hotel at 2 pm to rest, freshen up and called Carol’s parents to wish them "Boa Tarde” from Brazil.


Around 4 pm we wandered south, back to Ipanema beach. The main avenues have been closed to mechanized vehicles and thousands of people are out skateboarding, strolling, walking their dogs, holding hands, and simply enjoying a cool, breezy, sunny Sunday afternoon.

Evening at Ipanema

At sunset we sat at an outdoor stand along the beach and enjoyed the local drink called caipirinha which will make you cross-eyed in no time. In the words of Patricia, “one will make you feel good, two are like Prozac, and three are like Viagra.”

Caiprinhas in Ipanema

At 7 pm we sat outside at the hotel bar and enjoyed fried calamari and a couple more caipirinhas and world-class people-watching until we could no longer keep our eyes open and ended up sound asleep by 9 pm.


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