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Our Magnificent Journey
Chapter 14
Argentina, Brazil and Peru
Day 13
Rio de Janeiro
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Neither of us slept very well, so I rested while Carol went downstairs for the hotel breakfast. When she returned to the room, we packed for tomorrow’s five-hour flight to Cusco, Peru.


Today is overcast and humid as we wandered the blocks around the hotel, stopping on Ipanema beach for another cool, refreshing, fresh coconut water.

Delicious, cool coconut water

We window-shopped around Ipanema for a while and then decided to catch a cab to Copacabana. The day has turned cooler and we slowly walked along the beach admiring the white sand, the blue water, the lush green mountains and the tanned bodies.

Cool day at the beach

At 3 pm we took a cab back to the hotel to rest and freshen up. Then walked two blocks north to Nik Sushi again for the great buffet we had discovered there on Friday.


After our tasty lunch we walked to Ipanema beach again for one last glimpse of this beautiful strip of beach along the Atlantic Ocean.

Dusk at Ipanema

Back at the hotel at 5 to finish packing . We are certainly going to miss Rio.

Carol with two of the terrific hotel staff

A word about taxi drivers here (and in Buenos Aires) – these guys are skilled drivers. Traffic moves fast, lanes marked in the street are there as suggestions, and there is a lot of in-and-out, speed up/slow down movement, but the taxi (and bus) drivers know how to read the movement of traffic. They are aggressive yet polite. They definitely have earned our respect.


At 6 pm we went down and sat outside at the bar for one last caipirinha, a magical concoction/elixir that we are most assuredly going to miss. We thanked our amicable bartender, who has come to know us, then headed up to the room, and were fast asleep by 8 pm.


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