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Our Magnificent Journey
Chapter 14
Argentina, Brazil and Peru
Sunday (Easter)
Day 4
Buenos Aires
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Woke to an overcast day after a sound night’s sleep.


Seth met us at our hotel at 10 am and we grabbed a quick breakfast before wandering northwest and meandered through the Sunday Art Fair at the park surrounding the Recoleta Cemetary. It is Easter Sunday and throngs of people are out enjoying the morning air. Nearby, an automobile race is loudly in full gear.


We spent an hour perusing the wares at the art festival where Carol bought some earrings and a pretty lace top, then walked several blocks west to the Recoleta Cemetary where we found Eva Peron’s mausoleum. At the cemetery, we schmoozed with a fellow traveller from Los Angeles.


Next, we walked many blocks to Avenida 9 de Julio the widest boulevard in the world, and headed south until we came to the Teatro Colon Opera House. We paid 30 Argentinian pesos for the 45-minute tour and it was worth every centavo.


Continuing south along Avenida 9 de Julio, we stopped and enjoyed lunch near a huge mural of the new Pope, Francisco, who is from Buenos Aires and is the source of much pride here.


After lunch we strolled many more blocks northwest until we came to the famous El Ateneo Grand Splendid bookstore, situated in an old theater/opera house. Along the way I spotted one of Daniel’s guitars in a music shop which unfortunately was closed.


After the bookstore we decided to retire to our respective hotels to rest for a bit before meeting at Seth’s hotel for one more enjoyable evening together since he must return to Houston tomorrow with his new Guarneri violin.


At 7:30 pm Carol and I took a taxi to Seth’s hotel, and we walked a block to an outdoor café where we spent a very enjoyable hour and a half reminiscing about the past few days, the future, travel and music. We made Seth promise to stay in touch. He must catch an early flight back to Houston in the morning.


After dinner we strolled back to the Sheraton, spent some last precious moments with Seth and his Karinkanta Guarneri, then said sad farewells to our young, gifted, talented friend.


At 10 pm we caught a taxi back to our hotel, just a few blocks away, and by 11 pm we were sound asleep.


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