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Our Magnificent Journey
Chapter 8
New Orleans


Carol and David on the job  
Day 4

I drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was gone...


We slept but not well and not nearly long enough. We were so tired and sore from the past two days that we could not sleep well.


We woke at 6:30, showered, dressed and met Marc, Brad, Larry and Cody in the dining room for another incredible breakfast creation by Brad: fresh fruit with whipped cream, strong coffee, fresh orange juice green chile/cheese/tomato/egg casserole, and heavenly sweet rolls.

1896 O'Malley House Dining Room

Marc and I were going to work today at Musician's Village while the girls rested, but logistally (due to the use of the car and some time constraints) it was not possible.


Muriel woke later and while she enjoyed breakfast, the rest of us visited and played with Cody. I enjoyed sitting on the porch swing watching the street cars wind their way slowly up and down Canal Street .


Ms. Greta walked over from her house next door and we enjoyed visiting with her. Carol presented her with two antique table covers she had found in a Tucson antique shop. Ms. Greta had lost everything to Katrina and she was very moved by the gift, even though she does not yet own a table.


Marc, Muriel, Carol and I then drove to Musician's Village (got lost in the thick fog along the way,) located Chuck and presented him with a beautiful red poinsettia tree that we, along with Rebecca and Marybeth, had bought for the front porch of his new house. He was very grateful and over the next hour he regaled us with many tales of life in New Orleans before and after the storm.


After hugging Chuck goodbye, we drove around the corner to visit with Henry Swanson but we only had time to present him with a poinsettia we bought for his house. We promised him we would stop by to see him once again prior to leaving New Orleans.

Henry's house

We drove back to the 1896 O'Malley House in order to rendezvous with Rebecca - I was going to ride along with her to the airport to pick up Marybeth. Marybeth, from Canada , is another volunteer we befriended on our October trip. She has been on a cruise and wanted to spend a few more days working in New Orleans before heading home to Toronto. Due to logistical issues I decided to let Rebecca pick up Marybeth while Marc, Muriel, Carol and I spent time exploring Magazine Street. We made plans to rendezvous with Rebecca and Marybeth later for dinner.


We parked along Magazine Street and window shopped until we came to Joey K's for a Lousianna lunch of oyster po boys, corn and crab soup, jamabalya, salad, and apple/blackberry cobbler. Delicious, and authentic New Orleans fare.


More window shopping after lunch until we spied Larry on his shiny red Vespa scooter. He took Carol for a spin down Magazine Street to Aidan Gill's Men's Shop where we reunited with them and visited once again with Aidan Gill, the proprietor, who we had enjoyed meeting on our October trip. Aidan Gill is a wonderful old-style men's shop where one can enjoy a relaxing haircut and shave and pick up some fashionable trinkets, colognes, etc. I could have spent the afternoon there.


Larry and Carol on the Vespa on Magazine Street

Aidan Gill

We then drove north up Magazine Street to the river, east to St. Charles Street, where we passed Loyola and Tulane Universities and the many ornate Victorian homes there, then back to Canal Street to Pierce and the B&B.


We rested for a couple of hours, then drove back to Magazine Street to a restaurant called Lilette, where we met up with Rebecca, Marybeth and my longtime childhood friend Dean Bramson and his lovely wife Pam. Dean and I had reunited in October after a forty-year span.

Marybeth and David

Marc spooning at Lilette


Dinner was wonderful and delicious, full of fun and lively conversation, three hours spent with dear friends and too soon it was time to say goodnight. We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves but it had been a long day and the wine was taking its toll, so we bid farewell to Rebecca, Marybeth, Dean and Pam and drove up to Napolean Street to Broad Street to Canal and Pierce and the B&B. We visited with Larry and Brad and two of their friends who had just arrived, then we climbed the stairs and fell into bed after a long and fun-filled day.


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