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Our Magnificent Journey
Chapter 10
Israel, Paris


Carol and David and the ancient wall surrounding Old Jerusalem  
05.30.08 - 06.01.08
Wednesday / Thursday
Days 1 and 2
The Journey Begins

Once again we are on our way to a new adventure and a new chapter of Our Magnificent Journey.

Our "kids," Merlin (9) and Cody (13)

Kissed our puppies Merlin and Cody goodbye and jumped into Chris’s yellow cab. Chris had been referred to us our good friends Marc and Muriel, and he was prompt, courteous and funny all the way to Tucson International Airport.


We are on our way to Israel to visit our dear friend Meira and her family, and an old pal of Carol’s, named Shlomo, and his family. Meira and Shlomo live in Tel Aviv and we plan to enjoy spending time with our friends and exploring the magic and wonders of the Holy Land.


At Tucson Intl Airport


The two-hour 737 flight from Tucson to Houston was smooth through clear skies. Had a three-hour layover at Houston’s International Terminal, so we grabbed lunch and relaxed. Got a nice text message from dear Monica and Warren, who stay at the house and take care of the dogs when we travel.


We explored the shops at HIA then found our Continental gate and schmoozed with a family with two young children who were fluent in both English and French. The seats on the 777 in coach seem to get smaller and closer together each time we fly. We found our seats and settled in for the nine-hour 5214 mile flight to Paris’ Charles de Gaulle airport.


America sails by below us


We settled in for dinner (vegetarian Indian curry mix) and a movie (We chose Mad Money out of a list of 300 movies.) The flight took us northeast over Texas, Tennessee, Pennsylvania and Maine in the dark of night. I followed familiar skymarks such as Scorpio and Jupiter off to starboard until, at 11:00pm on my watch, the morning sun rose mighty, clear and shiny, ready to march west, from whence we have come. A thick blanket of soft clouds has covered the Atlantic since we made seafall at Gander, Newfoundland. In the dark blackness of night, the massive starboard wing looked for all the world like the monstrous tail of some prehistoric creature. As day broke, a sliver of moon preceded the marching sun, and we knew that beyond, farther to the east, lay France’s ever-beckoning City of Light, and farther east lay Israel, Tel Aviv, Meira and Shlomo.

Across The Pond

Arrived at Paris’ Charles de Gaulle airport, cleared customs, caught the shuttle to the Paris Hilton (get it?), called Verizon to deal with a world-phone snafu, then took the RER train into our beloved City of Light.


On the RER from de Gaulle into Paris


The weather is drizzly so we donned our scarves and leather jackets, just like many times before in this magic place, and jumped off at ground zero – Notre Dame. More crowded with tourists than we remembered, we braved the hordes and admired her ancient stones for a while.


Back at Our Dear Lady


We then walked over the short bridge to Isle St. Louis and enjoyed soupe a l’oignon and a plate du fromage at the same café where in 2007, we enjoyed a similar lunch with our dear friends, Marc and Muriel and Mike and Annette. It turned rather blustery, so Carol had purchased a cute red beret and we were glad to be warm and cozy at an inside table.

Carol in her new red beret

After lunch we toured the Museum of Notre Dame, then braved the massive crowds of tourists jamming the square due west of the Cathedral. Finally we jumped on the RER for the ride back to the Paris Hilton (get it?) where Carol soaked in the tub. We fell into coma-like sleep after having been up for the past 36 hours.

Next Day

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