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Our Magnificent Journey
Chapter 10
Israel, Paris


Carol and David and the ancient wall surrounding Old Jerusalem  

Day 9

Independence Day
Tel Aviv

We slept well again and woke early in order to accompany Shlomo and Sara to an Israeli air force base near Ashdod. Ordinarily these bases are closed to the public but are open today for the celebration of independence. We drove near cities with old recognizable names like Beer Sheba and Gedera (the first Israeli settlement.)


The air base had exhibits of Israeli military power, attack and fighter aircraft, rescue techniques, attack dog demonstrations and armaments of all types and sizes. The Israeli public was out in huge numbers.

Carol, Shlomo and Sara.  Shlomo's car is in the background. Just kidding.
Israeli fighter
Israeli rocket launcher
Shlomo and David in an Israeli armored vehicle
Israeli missile and young female soldier
Sara and Carol
Shlomo and David

It was wonderful spending time with Shlomo and Sarah, whose hospitality and generosity are truly incredible.


We decided to drive back into Jaffa and watch the Independence Day celebration on the Tel Aviv beach. Sara, Carol and I left Shlomo to try to find a parking spot – it seemed as if everyone in Tel Aviv was heading to the beach - and we were able to find a spot to situate ourselves. A little while later, Shlomo found us and we settled in to watch the Israeli Air Force and Navy put on a spectacular demonstration of air and sea strength. A submarine floated close to shore, surrounded by its support ships, as jets and helicopters enthralled the crowds of thousands. The 60th anniversary of Independence was a rousing success. It was very emotional and there were not many dry eyes on that beach.

Israeli sub and support boat
Israeli Air Force
Israeli Air Force

After the celebration the four of us drove back to Jaffa and had a delicious lunch of hummus, salad and falafel at an Arab restaurant, them walked along the streets of Jaffa, in and out of shops, where we bought sweets and Turkish coffee. Carol and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Shlomo share his memories with us of life in Jaffa as a child. He showed us where his entire neighborhood watched the Neil Armstrong moon landing on the only TV in the area at that time.

Delicious sweets in Old Jaffa
Sara, Carol and Shlomo in a sweet shop in Jaffa
Spices in a shop in Old Jaffa
Carol buying coffee in Jaffa

After a fun morning and afternoon with Shlomo and Sara, they dropped us off at our hotel so we could rest.


We had plans that evening to meet Meira, Carmi, Carmi’s sister Ronit and her husband Peter for dinner at a tapas restaurant called Tapeo. Carol and I decided to walk, so we strolled across Tel Aviv taking in the sights, sounds and aromas. At 8:30pm we met at the restaurant and the six of us enjoyed a delicious dinner of several small tapas dishes, but the most enjoyable aspect of the evening was the company. We thoroughly enjoyed meeting Ronit and Peter, who are fun, intelligent and charming people, and we are certain that we will see them again.

Ronit and Peter
Carmi proudly displays his delicious dinner
Meira, Ronit, Peter, Carol, David and Carmi at Tapeo in Tel Aviv
Another magnificent Tel Aviv sunset

At 11:30 Carmi and Meira dropped us off at the Hotel Miguel. We said Shalom and Lilah Tov knowing that we will see them again on Sunday.


Tomorrow we fly to Eilat. Our bags are packed, so we fell into bed with anticipation of more adventures to come.


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