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Our Magnificent Journey
Chapter 10
Israel, Paris


Carol and David and the ancient wall surrounding Old Jerusalem  
Day 5
Galilee / Golan Heights

Today was a special, magical day...

Carmi's garage

We woke, packed, checked out of the hotel Miguel and were picked up at 9:30 by Carmi and Meira. We first drove to Carmi’s busy, bustling garage for some last-minute things he had to attend to, then we headed north out of Tel Aviv, through Ramat Gan, Caesaria, Natanya, and Zikhrom Ya’akov where we turned northeast. We stopped for coffee, sandwiches and sweets, then continued on, past many small settlements. Stopped at the German settlement of Bethlemen, close to Galilee, where we examined the stone edifices of the settlement, and then drove on to Tsipori (Sefora,) once a major strategic settlement. We viewed ancient mosaics and ruins and the famous underground water reservoir, an early engineering masterpiece.

Our wonderful tour guide, Meira
Stonework in Bethlehem
Ancient floor mosaic at Tsipori

Next we stopped at the most incredible spice shop we have ever seen – spices from all around the Middle East and the world. We spent at least an hour there and could have stayed longer.

Spice Shop
Meira at the spice shop
Carol at the spice shop
Carmi and Meira select a wine at the spice shop

After Tzipori, our next stop was Kenneret (the Sea of Galilee) and Tiberias. We could clearly see the valley where the Syrian/Jordan/Israeli border lay about 7 km away.

Tiberias hugs the Sea of Galilee (the Kenneret)

Continuing along the historic Sea of Galilee, we drove through ancient Tiberias and then stopped at some of the Christian sites north of the city.

Meira, Carol and David at the Sea of Galilee

We kept climbing north into the Golan Heights, crossed the River Jordan, past countless Israeli army bases, minefields, tanks, deserted Syrian villages, outposts, and bunkers showing the scars of war.,

Deserted Syrian bunker in the Golan Heights
Finally we arrived the most incredible B&B that any of the four of us have ever seen. Bar’s Estate Sha’al, deep in the Golan, built of stone, is owned by Liora Bar, a purveyor of fine antiques, and each room is impeccably and ornately decorated. Words alone cannot do this place justice so we took numerous photos.
Carol, Mama Israel, and David at Bar’s Estate Sha’al
Meira and Carmi's room at exquisite Bar’s Estate Sha’al
Our incredible room
The huge tub in our room
The beautiful gardens at Bar’s Estate Sha’al
Tal (son of the owner,)  Meira and David
Carmi solving a problem. The man is truly a genius.

After settling in to our ornate rooms in this astounding B&B, we went off for dinner at a nearby restaurant on a Kibbutz where we thoroughly enjoyed the food and each other’s company and warm conversation.

The four of us at dinner on a kibbutz high in the Golan

Back to the B&B, we sadly watched the Israeli Maccabi basketball team lose to the Russian team in the European league Final Four.

Sadly, the Maccabi team lost...

The weather high up in the Golan is delightfully cool and we totally enjoyed today’s adventures. Late in the evening, we said Lilah Tov ("goodnight") and Chalomot Paz ("golden dreams") to our dear friends, and then we headed to our delightful, peaceful, quiet and cool room, where we fell into bed and slept like babies. What a magical day…


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