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Our Magnificent Journey
Chapter 11
England / Scotland / Ireland


On the coast of Ireland  
Day 4
London - Edinburgh

Up early to catch the train to Edinburgh, Scotland. Delicious breakfast at the hotel, then out in the cool air for the Tube to King’s Cross Station.

Waiting outside Kings Cross Station

People-watched at bustling King’s Cross Station until 10:00 am when we boarded the Edinburgh-bound train.


Technology is amazing. The train to Edinburgh has a very strong wireless signal, so here we sit with our gps-enable iPhones and our Netbook, taking photos and immediately emailing them to friends and family as the high-speed train winds its way north through pastoral England.

High-speed wireless on the train from London to Edinburgh

The train sped north through the heart of England, making stops at several towns along the way. Today is sunny and cool and the view of the rural English countryside is very lush, green and serene.

North Sea coastline

After a very relaxing four-hour train ride through the heart of England, we entered Scotland and spied the North Sea to the east. The train hugged the rugged coast, and at 4:15 we arrived at Edinburgh. The weather is surprisingly warm and sunny, with thousands of people crowding the cobblestone streets. We walked ½ mile to 14 Hart Street, which is both the name and address of the lovely B&B that Carol had selected for our four-day stay. Our room is cozy, clean and well-appointed in the Scottish country style.

Our bedroom at the 14 Hart Street B&B

We met Angela Wilson, the gracious proprietress of our lovely B&B, and visited with her and her relative, Mike, up from London, and received some helpful tips from them.


Then out into the warm Scottish afternoon. We bought tickets for a hop-on/hop-off bus with a guided hour-long tour of Edinburgh. It is a beautiful, sunny Saturday afternoon and Edinburgh is swarming with revelers, partiers, tourists and townsfolk. The 12-pound ticket is good for 24 hours and was well worth the cost.

The guide on our bus tour of Edinburgh
Edinburgh Castle as seen from our bus tour
Statue of Adam Smith
Cathedral on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh
Cathedral on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh

After the bus tour we walked slowly (the afternoon temperature seems to be approaching Tucson extremes) to historic Grassmarket Street where we sat at a shady café and sipped wine and people-watched.

Spot where they used to hang people on Grassmarket Street
Carol plans our next adventure

Then we walked back down the Royal Mile and across South Bridge and stopped at Martone for pizza and salad.


The history of this important city cannot be over-emphasized. Alexander Graham Bell was born here as were Sean Connery, Sir Walter Scott, J.K. Rawlins, Tony Blair and Earl Grey among countless others of notoriety. The sprawling University of Edinburgh was founded in 1582. This city has several different flavors – prehistoric, ancient, medieval, enlightenment, modern and post-modern.

Hotel in Edinburgh
Statue in Edinburgh

After dinner we walked slowing down Leith Street to the B&B and fell into bed dreaming of Kings and castles.

Edinburgh at dusk

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