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Our Magnificent Journey
Chapter 11
England / Scotland / Ireland


On the coast of Ireland  
Day 20

We slept until 9 am in the large, grand hotel, then finished packing and checked out. Took the Tube (with the help of an overly helpful older gentleman – he insisted on getting on with us so that we did not get lost) to Heathrow, where we checked into the Marriott Windsor and caught up on email.

Our room at the Marrott Windsor

At noon we took a cab into the town of Windsor and window-shopped, then sat at a cafe and had a bite of lunch.

David at Windsor Castle
Flowers in Windsor
Carol and David at Windsor Castle

Strolled around Windsor a bit more, perused Windsor Castle, then had a pint of London Pride ale, suggested by our friend Brett, at the Carpenter’s Arms - a pub since 1518. The etchings on the glass windows are of carpenters tools. Until the 1800’s, there were tunnels connecting the pub to the castle but now they are bricked up. One wonders whether they were sealed to keep the drinkers out of the castle or to keep the royals out of the pub.

Sign for The Carpenter's Arms in Windsor
Carol enjoys a pint of London Pride Ale at The Carpenter's Arms pub in Windor
David enjoys a pint of London Pride Ale at The Carpenter's Arms pub in Windor
Sign at The Carpenter's Arms in Windsor
The Crooked House in Windsor

At 5 pm we took a cab back to the Marriott Windsor to relax. Today is our last day on this journey through England, Scotland and Ireland. Tomorrow morning we must catch our 11 am Continental flight to Houston, and then fly on to home in Tucson. We are thoroughly exhausted after nearly three weeks of adventure, exploration and discovery.


After a quiet dinner in the Marriott’s lounge, we watched a bit of BBC TV and then drifted off to sleep.


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