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Our Magnificent Journey
Chapter 11
England / Scotland / Ireland


On the coast of Ireland  
Day 5

Our B&B, 14 Hart Street, is located on a quiet street in upscale Edinburgh. We are very happy with our choice – it is very clean, charming and quiet.


We enjoyed a very delicious breakfast of juice, coffee, fried eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes, granola, yogurt and fruit prepared by James Wilson, proprietor of this lovely B&B. Our host and hostess are very pleasant and more than a little helpful. The 14 Hart Street B&B is highly recommended.


Out into the cool Edinburgh morning, we caught the hop-on/hop-off bus to Edinburgh Castle, where we spent several interesting hours touring the various buildings and listening to the knowledgeable guides. The crown jewels alone are worth the price of admission. The three-thousand-year-old castle is a must-see.

Carol and David at Edinburgh Castle
Canon at Edinburgh Castle
Our terrific guide at Edinburgh Castle
Coat of Arms at Edinburgh Castle
Scotsman at Edinburgh Castle
Scotsman at Edinburgh Castle
Piper at Edinburgh Castle
Statue at Edinburgh Castle

From the castle, we walked down the Royal Mile, window-shopping all the way to Holyrood House, the residence of Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth, when she is in Scotland. We spent a very interesting two hours touring the Palace and the grounds. Another must-see.

Carol, David and friend on the Royal Mile
Young Scotsman on the Royal Mile
Inside a cathedral on the Royal Mile
Cathedral along the Royal Mile
Carol in front of Holyrood House
Holyrood House
Ancient ruins at Holyrood House
Ancient ruins at Holyrood Castle

Exhausted at this point, we jumped on a hop-on/hop-off bus and rested until we arrived back at now-familiar Waverly Bridge, where we hopped off and walked towards the B&B. Stopped for a delicious dinner at the Olive Branch Bistro – highly recommended - then strolled around the neighborhood for a bit. Note: the Bistro is on the corner of Broughton Street and Broughton Place, right around the corner from 14 Hart Street and seems to have recently changed its name to Broughton Bistro.

David checks email at the Olive Branch Bistro

We were chilly and tired, so we ambled back to the B&B and chatted with our hosts James and Angela Wilson for a while before dropping into coma-like sleep after another magic day in bonny Scotland.


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