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Our Magnificent Journey
Chapter 12
New England


On the coast of Ireland  
Day 13

Guess what!! Today’s weather is gray, cold and rainy (again.) Oh well – it’s not going to rain on our parade.


We are so totally jazzed to see Bruce. I haven’t seen him for at least 25 years and Carol has not yet had the pleasure of meeting him. The drive to Woodstock, Connecticut was filled with memories as I told Carol wonderful stories of great times there.

Almost there!

How to describe Bruce Fink? Artiste extraordinaire, inventor, creator, alchemist, magician, sorcerer, conjurer, tight-rope walker, spirit and incredible gin-and-tonic mixer.

Bruce Fink, artiste extraordinaire
Bruce and Carol at the rolling front door of his house, which he and his son, Charlie built
Bruce Fink in his studio/foundry/magician's lair
David and Bruce at one of the many works of unique art created by Bruce.

Back in the 1980s, brother Jim bought 50 beautiful, wooded acres a little ways up Pole Bridge Road from Bruce’s house (which Bruce built himself.) Jim introduced me to Bruce and his lovely and charming wife, Charlene, all those years ago, and I spent some very warm, wonderful and memorable time with them. Charlene passed away a few years ago, and the world is lesser for the loss.


We arrived at Bruce’s unique house/studio/gallery at around 1:30. Bruce showed us around (Carol had never been here before) and then we drove further up Pole Bridge Road to examine the acreage that brother Jim had once owned with his friend Meredith. I was surprised to see that the old trailer of Jim’s was still on the property, although much deteriorated.

Bruce and David at brother Jim's trailer in the woods on Pole Bridge Road
Bruce's unique and magical house on Pole Bridge Road
Another perspective of Bruce Fink's unusual house on Pole Bridge Road
Bruce's wood-burning stove, crafted from an old sea mine
Beautiful hand-crafted wooden spiral staircase descending to a lower level at Bruce Fink's House Of Magic on Pole Bridge Road in Woodstock, Connecticut

Next we located Bruce’s son Charlie, a magician, sorcerer, alchemist in his own right. A master craftsman, Charlie showed us a massive fireplace he had recently built for a client.

Bruce,  Charlie and David at a property that Charlie had been working on
Charlie showing us a massive, incredibly engineered stone fireplace that he designed and built
Charlie in his man cave

After spending some moments with Charlie, we drove with Bruce into Putnam, Conn. for a delicious dinner, then headed back to Bruce’s where we enjoyed his magic gin and tonic and reminisced until 11 pm.

Bruce in his kitchen on Pole Bridge Road, mixing up his special Gin and Tonics for the three of us

Carol and I wound our way up to the third story of "The Tower" and fell fast asleep in a unique house built by a special friend.

"The Tower" at Bruce Fink's amazing house on Pole Bridge Road

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