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Our Magnificent Journey
Chapter 12
New England


On the coast of Ireland  
Day 2

Slept incredibly well. Got out of bed at 7:30 am. Had a delicious breakfast at the hotel (included) and then wandered out in the cool gray morning to explore Boston.


Spent the next hour on the Old Town trolley tour, which was fun and informative. The stop was a block from the hotel, so we did a complete circuit, then jumped back off at the hotel to grab our jackets (the high today is 67 degrees.)

Old Town Trolley Tour in Beantown
On the Old Town Trolley Tour
Fenway Park

Then we walked one block to the train stop (our hotel is perfectly located) and rode 2 stops to Park Street and Boston Commons. Walked a few blocks to Fanueil Hall, mobbed with hordes of tourists.

Faneuil Hall
David and friend at Faneuil Hall

Our lunch of steamed clams and oyster stew was warm and delicious. Explored Fanueil Hall, people-watching and window-shopping, then sat and watched a talented two-man band called Cahill for half an hour.


At 3 pm we walked southwest through Chinatown to Warrenton Road, where we bought tickets to see a 4:00 performance by the Blue Man Group.

Blue Man Group

And what a fantastic performance it was, with lots of rhythm, color and audience participation. I caught a marshmallow that was tossed out to the audience. It was a memorable hour and forty minutes. We highly recommend the Blue Man Group. Make sure to take a raincoat or poncho if you sit in the first few rows, as it tends to get a bit wet down there.


After the terrific show, we took the “T” (Boston Metro Train) back to the hotel where we freshened up and rested.


At 6:30 we walked 5 blocks west in a slight drizzle to Bertuccis, an Italian restaurant hopping on a Sunday evening. The streets were deserted and the sky is gray.


Dinner hit the spot, and we ambled back to the Kendall Hotel. Carol soaked in the tub while I caught up on email.


By 10 pm we were fast asleep in our snug king-sized bed after a full day of fun and adventure in Beantown.


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