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Our Magnificent Journey
Chapter 12
New England


On the coast of Ireland  
Day 7
Boothbay Harbor -
Jackson, N.H.

Slept very well. The Five Gables Inn sits snug on a hill overlooking the water, and the gentle cool breezes during the night were a wonderful change from the desert heat of Tucson.


Showered, dressed and joined the other guests in the B&B dining room. Enjoyed a truly delicious home-cooked hearty breakfast, prepared by Mike, our gracious host.

Mike, our gracious host at the Five Gables B&B in Boothbay Harbor Maine, with Carol

Said goodbye to Cathy and Bob, who are heading to Bar Harbor. Our destination for the next two days will be the White Mountains of New Hampshire, west of Boothsbay Harbor, so we packed, thanked Mike for the wonderful (and delicious) hospitality, then hit the road west.

David with with Bob and Cathy McDaniel from Indianapolis.

Shortly after leaving Boothsbay Harbor it began to pour steadily and hard (part of Hurricane Nicole) and did not let up. We drove west and north as the trees exhibited their vibrant fall kaleidoscope colors, even through the rain.


Crossed into New Hampshire and entered the White Mountains area, arriving at the Inn at Ellis River in Jackson at around 1:30 pm. Lynn, our hostess, welcomed us and introduced us to the lovely inn and we settled into the Franconia Falls room.

The Inn at Ellis River in Jackson, New Hampshire

We rested a bit, then drove into Conway and had a quite tasty veggie pizza at a unique restaurant called Flatbread Pizza, where we sat on an overstuffed comfy couch watching the rain pounce on the glass windows above and around us.


The rain showed no sign of abating so we continued south to a group of outlet malls where we window-shopped and puddle-jumped.


At 7:00 pm we drove back to the Inn at Ellis River and played checkers then watched a video called “Over New England” produced by PBS – beautiful scenes of various areas in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island and Connecticut, all shot from the air.

Our room at The Inn at Ellis River in Jackson, New Hampshire

By 10 pm we were fast asleep in our plush comfortable bed as the rain fell incessantly outside our window.


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