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Our Magnificent Journey
Chapter 12
New England


On the coast of Ireland  
Day 6
Boothbay Harbor

Woke refreshed at 7 am, showered dressed and joined other guests on the large porch for breakfast. The porch overlooks the Kennebunk River, and we watched ducks and herons flying back and forth as we enjoyed a truly delicious breakfast, prepared by Aaron’s father, of banana-orange smoothie, coffee, Greek eggs (spinach, feta, tomato) raisin toast and blueberry muffin. Absolutely memorable in a remarkable, pastoral setting. We were sorry that we did not have more time here at the Bufflehead Cove B&B.

Carol and our gracious host, Aaron, at the delightful Buffelhead Cove B&B in Kennebunkport, Maine
Carol enjoys a delicious breakfast, prepared by Aaron’s father, of banana-orange smoothie, coffee, Greek eggs (spinach, feta, tomato) raisin toast and blueberry muffin, at the Buffelhead Cove B&B in Kennebunkport, Maine
Aaron patiently gives Carol directions from the Buffelhead Cove B&B in Kennebunkport, Maine

The gracious “down east” hospitality of Aaron and his family, and the charm and tranquility of the Bufflehead Cove B&B, cannot be overstated. Don’t miss this one.


Packed the Kia in no time and headed back down Ocean Ave, where we snapped a photo of George H. W. Bush’s estate at Walker’s Point, then headed north on Route 1 through dozens of quaint shoreline towns and beautiful scenery. The day is misty, moody, foggy and gray but we are enjoying it.

Stone church on the way from Kennebunkport to Boothbay Harbor in Maine.

A little farther up the road, we came across the L.L.Bean Outlet Mall, where we perused the wares for an hour.

Carol at the L.L.Bean Outlet Mall
At 1:00 pm we stopped in lovely Wiscasset for a crab cake lunch and to window shop.

Back in the Kia we continued north on 9 and then headed southwest on 27. Arrived in East Boothbay Harbor, located the Five Gables Inn B&B, acclimated a bit, then explored the area. It is still gray and misty but the fog has lifted and the rain has stopped and we spent time discovering the beauty of the area, which is so far east it really should be in the maritime time zone.

Five Gables Inn B&B in Boothbay Harbor, Maine

Window-shopped in Boothbay Harbor for a while, then drove back to East Boothbay where we picked Fisherman’s Wharf for a dinner of lobster, fried clams, coleslaw, mashed potatoes and steamed carrots. I settled on the clams while I watched Carol devour a whole Maine lobster.

Carol devours a lobster in Boothbay Harbor, Maine

The evening is still gray and blustery, so after dinner, we slowly drove along the water’s edge, ambling past many lovely beach-front homes.


At 7 pm we were back at the Five Gables Inn, where we sat in the comfortable dining area and visited with other guests. Spent memorable time visiting with Bob and Cathy McDaniel from Indianapolis. Bob is retired from a long career in IT so naturally we had a lot to talk about as we sat next to the fireplace and schmoozed.


At 10 pm we said goodnight, wandered back to our room and slept well as the misty Maine air blew gently off the sea through our open windows.


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